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Hello, my name is Agnieszka. I will tell you my story.

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Hello, my name is Agnieszka. I will tell you my story.

At the end of primary school, due to complications after pneumonia, I fell ill with allergic bronchial asthma. At this time, I was in a sport class, achieving quite good results. After competitions and trainings. I rested in the company of my cat and dog. I was referred to a specialist clinic where after allergic tests I found out that I had to give up on everything what was most important for me and what I loved – my pets and sport.

But how? It was a shock for me! A breakdown started, then rebellion and fight.
My parents found another good house for my beloved cat. Allergy was too large. Luckily, “Bari” stayed with me. Otherwise, I would weep my heart out. I did not give up on sport completely, but I had to greatly reduce the intensity of the trainings. Sometimes it was hard. Sometimes, I had such bad asthma attacks in the evenings that my parents had to call an ambulance.

Following years of desensitisation, taking medications and trainings, I got back in shape. My lungs efficiency changed from asthmatic to sport one. I completed zootechnical studies. It was my informed choice, in line with my passion. During the studies, I represented the University in the equestrian section. I have very good memories of this period.

Several years ago, while watching TV, I came across Australian Labradoodles, dogs with hypoallergic, allergic- and asthmatic-friendly coat. In this way, my love at first sight and the idea of breeding and spreading knowledge about this breed started.

In 2017, a beautiful black Australian Labradoodle bitch joined our family. Our family, beloved dog. This is how our adventure with doodles began and continues to this day.