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Above all, they are gentle, friendly and family-loving dogs.

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The history of Australian Labradoodle breed stemmed from a need of a woman losing sight who was looking for the assistance of a guide dog which at the same time would not be an allergy-triggering dog. Then, the idea of crossing a poodle with a labrador came to life. This crossbreed was named Labradoodle.

Since 1989, intensive breeding works have started to eliminate shedding and genetical diseases, allowing only animals that were genetically tested to crossbreed.
In this way, over many years, multigenerational Australian Labradoodles were created.

Australian Labradoodles:

1. Have hypoallergenic, allergic- and asthmatic-friendly, non-shedding coat without characteristic dog odour

  • are perfect dogs for children of all ages, they feel good in a family and enjoy playing together
  • are extremely smart and intelligent. They love cooperation with the human, enjoy getting various tasks to perform, thanks to which they fit into the role of working dogs. They obtain good results in obedience tests and agility competitions

2. Need contact with the owner and participation in a family life:

  • do not demonstrate aggressive behaviours, they seldom bark
  • easily socialise with other pets
  • have strong fetching instinct and love water plays

Above all, they are gentle, friendly and family-loving dogs.